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Equality For Michigan…Sort Of

Surely you have heard in the news or from friends that Michigan’s ban on same sex marriage was ruled unconstitutional last week. The update on this situation is that everything has been put on hold. What’s more is that hundreds of couples have actually gotten married once the ruling was announced. Check out this video to get a deeper look at what is going on in my state.




Victory for Michigan!

This means my marriage will be legally recognized. This means being able to adopt my son. This means being free and equal in my home state. My wife and I will eagerly watch and see as the process continues. Good vibes.


The Trial For Marriage Equality in Michigan Continues

Second class citizens. Unfit parents. Sinners. The protesters in front of the courthouse parade their beliefs in your face, judging you, mentally spitting where you walk. Supporters of the DeBoer v. Snyder case persevere through the crowd, showing little to no emotion. This is the scene from the same sex marriage trial is currently taking place in my town, on behalf of the state of Michigan.

My wife and I attended the first day of the trial, yesterday, and plan to make as many of the several court dates as we can. This is absolutely monumental and affects my family directly, as my wife and I cannot have our marriage recognized where we live. I am also unable to adopt our son, nor do I have any legal ties to him. Just that alone is incredibly painful and unfair. All hope and faith go into a victory with this case, for the adoring couple involved, their children, and those of us in the state of Michigan who need to stop being treated like we are less than. I will keep updates on this case as it progresses.


Learn more about April DeBoer and Jayne Rowse here:

Read more on this trial by clicking the link below to the CBS blog.

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